At Neighborhood Cleaners we demand your satisfaction!  That is why we do what the other guys won't do, and we do it for free.

"Our Exclusive Cleaning Program"

​​​  1.  All Garments cleaned on-site.

  2.  Every garment is professionally hand finished.

  3.  Broken or missing buttons replaced.

  4.  Missing hooks & eyes replaced.

  5.  Small simple seams/tears repaired.

  6.  All garments neatly packaged.

  7.  Courteous, prompt and professional customer                service.

​  8.  All work is "Guarenteed".

At Neighborhood Cleaners we offer the largest selection of services anywhere - and we do it at NO CHARGE


At Neighborhood Cleaners we offer a wide range of customer conveniences. 

  1.  Same day  service Monday - Friday 

      In by 9 am, pick up after 5 pm

  2.  Your cleaning/pressing preferences stored on your 

      personal account.      

  3.  All major credit cards accepted, checks, cash also 

     pre-pay optional.

  4.  Express check-in with your personal express bags.

  5.  Express check-out with payment information stored in 

      our secured account settings.

  6.  Recycling of hangers, plastic and all packaging 


  7.  We are perc free.

​  8.  All work is "Guaranteed".